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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Gas Tax Returns in Georgia

Early last month, Gov. Sonny Perdue chose to waive the state gas tax for last month, in response to the surging gas prices due to Hurricane Katrina. Starting today, however, the gas tax is back, and a local news station ran an article about the return. Here is my favorite part:

Lyle Morgan said the return of the tax means he will have to spend an additional $10 to fill up the tank on his sport utility vehicle.

"You've got people now having difficulty meeting their bills because gas their gas expenditure has tripled," he said.

Maybe they should trade in their SUV's for something more fuel-efficient? I just filled up the tank of my Civic today (should've done it yesterday, I know), and spent $5 more than a few months ago.
With an SUV now guzzling up to $75, many drivers are taking the joy out of their rides, eliminating any driving that isn't strictly necessary, especially on weekends.
$75‽ I spend about 1/3 of that! I can't imagine what those Hummers cost.

The ones I really feel bad for are the people whose business requires a lot of driving, and the people who really may not be able to afford higher gas prices, even with fuel-efficient cars. But people who complain about higher prices while driving SUV's?

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John said...

What we should really do is introduce a ~$3/gallon tax and use it to develop alternative fuels. Yeah, the little guy would get killed in the shot-run, but the nation would benefit in the long-run.

OPEC yo-yos the price (supply) on purpose with an average increase over time. We might as well pay for it now (with the tax) and get a solution out of the deal instead of gradually getting to that price anyway, being slave to OPEC, and not encouraging the development of an alternative.

Oh, and we need to get the republicans out of office. ;-)