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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Activity

If anyone is actually reading this blog, you may have noticed that, after a full month and a half of no posting, two posts appeared yesterday. Well, in addition to planning to start posting here again, I got internet service on my cell phone. Yesterday, I was testing out the "mobile blogging" feature of Blogger. This is very cool; I can now take a photo of something, send it to Blogger, and it will get posted! Cool, huh? Expect to see more of this. I already have a place or two in mind that needs to be photographed. I will try to stop by one on my way home from work today.

The only downside is that the plan I chose to start with for internet access gives me 1MB of data transfer for free, and, after that, it costs $.01/KB. Since I just got this new toy, I've been playing around with it a lot the past couple days. That single MB has been used. Now, for every MB I use, it will, by my calculations, cost me $10.24. Oh, well. I may upgrade to a better plan eventually, but, for now, I just want to see if it would be worth it.

In addition to the photo-posts, I'm going to be trying to keep this blog updated more often with thoughts, interesting quotes on stuff I've read, and other things. And, maybe people will actually read this, and maybe I'll be able to get good discussions going in the comments.

Well, my lunch break is almost over, so, back to work.


wezlo said...

$10 a MB???? Dude, that's robbery!

CoderForChrist said...

Yup. The next plan up is a little better. It's $20.00 a month, but, in addition to text/multimedia messages, it also gives 5 free MB (which would be $51.20 normally). There's also a $30 plan, I believe, that's unlimited, which is tempting, but $30 seems to be a bit much for a cell-phone Internet connection.

Then again, I'm a geek and this is a new toy, so I'm still really tempted to go unlimited...

Michael Gayler said...

Dude, awesome picture. I told you this over aim but got to put it in as a post. Great stuff, seriously.

I can't send pictures with my phone yet but i can just take the pictures off and put them on my computer and do what i need to then.

Have a good one man.