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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday in Another Village

Today, we visited another village. The photo is the home of a local convert. I didn't catch the whole story, but as I understand it, his house burned down (?) some time ago, and a Baptist church from Santo Domingo helped him rebuild. When the missionaries came, he and his family believed and were baptised. Now, he's planning to build a church in the village.


Anonymous said...

spoon don't u know that baptism doesn't save people?!? . . . plus you need to allow at least 1 week after "praying the prayer" before you become eligible to get baptized. when u use the terminology "believed and were baptized", you sound like the book of Acts or something. ;)

on a serious note, i'm glad to hear things are going well down there and the Lord is blessing your time with the dominican people and people are believing in the gospel. i'll continue praying for y'all that the rest of your time is fruitful and your return home is safe.


CoderForChrist said...

Jared: I knew that was you commenting before I scrolled down (on my phone) to see your name at the end. I think that means we know each other too well. ;-)

In addition, on a serious note, the early Church required a "trial period" before baptizing converts (this partly where the season of Lent comes from). I, personally, think that this should be a part of modern church practice.

Anyway, I'm back; I'll try to post some thoughts from the trip later today (I've also still got a couple more photo posts to get up). Thanks for praying!