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Saturday, September 01, 2007

End of Saturday at Dragon*Con

Went to Dragon*Con today with my friend Robert, and his friend, Nick. The picture above is the front of a T-shirt I bought. :-D

Really, this is the first year I actually registered, so I could get into all the fun stuff. Fortunately, I pre-registered, so I was able to walk through the sign-in pretty quickly. Unfortunately, Nick had to wait in the very long registration line. So, about two (or more?) hours after he'd gotten in line and Robert and I were walking around the dealer rooms, Robert gets a text message from Nick:
Day 487 of my d-con registration captivity. water running low. natives are nice. i will try to build a fire again. the natives didn't like my earlier attempt.
He did finally get through, by the way.

So, the whole day started with a parade of a bunch of the people in costume. After this, Nick went to registration and Robert and I did some wandering around. I took a number of pictures at the parade (and a few around the con), which I plan on posting to my Flickr account when I get the time (probably Monday).

Later, we attended a 1-hour session with Ron Glass and Mark Sheppard, two actors who played Shepherd Book and Badger (respectively) on the TV show Firefly. It was a Q&A format, and both actors were very good at engaging with the audience. They were a lot of fun, and had some good answers to some tough questions.

I had to leave a little early to make it to vespers at church, and after that, I decided to just head on home. However, I am looking forward to spending the afternoon/evening down there tomorrow!

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