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Monday, October 15, 2007

New Apartment

With Kristen and me getting married in January, I needed to get my own place to live. Up until now, I've been living at a friend's house with some other roommates. However, I don't think that would be an ideal living situation for a married couple.

So, I got online, did a bit of research, talked to some friends, and this Saturday, Kristen and I went out to a nearby apartment complex and got an apartment. Well, we applied for the apartment and got approved. I don't sign for the lease until my move-in day (beginning of November). The one thing I didn't have on me was my 3 most recent paystubs, which I faxed to the girl at the desk today, so everything should be taken care of.

I did learn today that the maintenance crew may not have time to get the apartment ready for me by the move-in date, which may end up pushing the whole move-in process back a week. So, here's hoping that everything works out there.

I'm pretty excited, though, because, beyond finally getting my own place, this is something that I actually took initiative and did for myself. For most of my life, I've been a pretty passive person. One could say that life happens to me. I mean, I will do what I need to do, but usually I need a push—even to do things I want to do. Lately, though, I've been learning to take initiative. I didn't need anyone to tell me that I needed to get the apartment taken care of. I didn't need anyone to remind me to go fill out the application. I did it on my own initiative.

In other words, I guess I'm growing up.

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