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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Comment Spam

Since I've started this blog, I've noticed that the more often I update, the more often I get comment spam.

For those who don't know, comment spam is where people (or, usually, machines) post advertisements in your comments. Sometimes, they make a meager attempt at sounding like a real commenter. They'll say something like, "What an interesting post! By the way, buy my crap!" Sometimes, they don't even care to disguise themselves.

The other day, I got one that was more along the latter. It was a blatant advertisement for some webmail software. However, in the last line, the author was so nice about the fact that I'll probably delete the comment I almost felt bad deleting it!

Well, I've been able to keep that stuff out for the most part. I get an email every time I get a comment on the blog, so any spam is usually gone within a day. However, I tire of keeping up with that, so I've decided to add a "word verification" to the comment posting process.

All this means is that, when posting a comment, you'll be shown an image of some characters, and you have to type those characters in the corresponding text box to prove that you are a human and not some machine. Anonymous comments are still allowed, so the few of you who actually read this and don't have a Blogger account can still comment. You know, on the off-chance I post anything comment-worthy.

It's not a big deal, but it's a change I thought I'd let people know about.

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