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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Free Admission Promotion at Theme Park Goes Awry

According to a local news station, a free admission promotion by the Six Flags Over Georgia theme park worked a little bit too well. The article is great, so go read it here. Anything else I can say here would probably only take away from the humor of this.

Update: My brother, apparently, tried to make it out to Six Flags for "Ditch Day" (that's what they were calling it). He left school around 4am, but, fortunately, before he got to the park, he got a call from a friend ahead of him telling him that they'd ended it early.


Dr. Qohelet said...

Wow. That's twisted and evil. If I had been turned away for not being at the gate before 5:55 I would have been amazingly pissed. Of course, most days I would rather go to the zoo anyway. ;-)

CoderForChrist said...

I agree. If I went through all that to get to the park for a promotion that was advertised as 6-9am, only to discover they ended it before it was even supposed to start, yeah, I'd be mad.

Seriously, pretty much every point of this story is a "What were they thinking?"