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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Another Reason to Use Firefox

From a C|Net News.com article: "A new flaw in Internet Explorer could be exploited to launch spoof-based attacks, or access and change data on vulnerable PCs, security experts have warned." The article goes on to say that the problem lies in how JavaScript is implemented in the browser, and that it is currently ranked as "moderately critical." Microsoft is angry that security researchers did not privately report the flaw to MS, but instead disclosed it publicly. In addition, this flaw can affect even "fully-patched computers running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and Internet Explorer 6.0."

Yet another reason to switch to Firefox.

Get Firefox!


Berkana said...

Safari is nice too. Don't forget Safari. . . and Opera (now sans-ads) and OMNIweb. My goodness, Internet Exploiter was released in 2000, or 2001, if I'm not mistaken (before the 9/11 attacks, for sure) and they're still shaking out critical bugs out of the thing. On top of the latest bug, Microsoft has 12 outstanding security flaws that have yet to be patched.

CoderForChrist said...

Actually, Internet Exploder was released in the mid-ninties.