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Monday, September 26, 2005

Killer Dolphins on the Loose

According to The Guardian, the U.S. Navy may have lost trained attack dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico during Hurricane Katrina. These dolphins were trained by the Navy to protect warships from terrorist attack. They may be armed with "'toxic dart' guns", and it is feared by some that they may mistake divers or surfers for terrorists.

Obviously, the Navy is not talking much about it, so most of this is speculation. The Guardian seems to be the only source with this story; other sites seem to just be linking back to The Guardian. However, if it is true, I'm predicting that we will see the formation of armed dolphin gangs taking divers and surfers captive, and holding them for ransom. I'm guessing their demands will either be large amounts of fish, or that we release all their brethren held in captivity for our amusement. Seriously, dolphins are the second-smartest creatures on the planet (humans being the third). I'm not sure why they haven't developed weapons on their own yet, but now we've given them weapons and let them loose.


Kristen said...

If I had just one last wish, I would like a tasty fish......

Bert said...