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Friday, November 18, 2005

Been Out of Town

As anyone who actually reads this blog may have realized, I've not posted for the past week or two. That's because I've been out of town on business (testing at a site in Tampa, FL), and haven't had much time to post—or think of anything to post. I have decided that I need to start making time for reading and really thinking about things, so hopefully that will translate into having more to write about here.

When I finally got the chance to check for comments today, I noticed something odd. The page would display most of the text of my previous post (Sony Rootkits), but would stop before the end of the last paragraph, and display nothing else. The sidebar was gone as well as all the other posts. I went and mucked around a bit with the Sony post's HTML and republished it, and everything's fixed now. I'm not quite sure what happened. Did anyone else notice it, or was it just my browser messing up?

Also, when I got home from my trip, I found a box from Amazon at the front door. Inside was the Family Guy Volume 1 and Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 1 DVDs I ordered last week. Oh joy!

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Gayler said...

Tampa has to be nice. I talked to you on aim while you were in Tampa. Family Guy! Wahoo!! Love that stuff. Aqua Teen Hunger Force, ATHF from now on, is ok; i never really got in to it.