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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Naughty Einstein

See here


steven finn said...

somebody had fun with photoshop. i wonder how einstein would respond if he actually saw this...i wonder if he would laugh.

CoderForChrist said...

Actually, if you click on the "See here" link, you'll find that it's a website where you can enter your own text to appear on the chalkboard. It takes a little work, though, since it simply places the text on top of the photo, so you have to "type around" his hand.

Perhaps I'll post some old playing-around I did with Photoshop later this week. I really only know one trick so far, though (which you'll see if I post it). Also, btw, when I do my own stuff like that, I don't use Photoshop (can't afford it); I use the Gimp (free, open-source).