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Friday, November 18, 2005

Sony Update

So, it seems quite a bit has happened the past couple weeks regarding Sony's recent foray into "doing unto them before they do unto you" (execpt the people getting done unto by Sony are mostly the legitimate customers). Sony released an uninstall program to remove the rootkit software via a website. However, apparently, the uninstall software had its own set of security problems, which some websites have figured out how to exploit. In addition, Mark Russionvich (the one who brought Sony's rootkit to popular attention) stated in another blog entry that Sony made the customer go through numerous hoops to get the uninstaller—if they can find it. His description of how difficult it was can be summed up in his statement, "Without exaggeration I can say that I’ve analyzed virulent forms of spyware/adware that provide more straightforward means of uninstall."

Now, Sony has released a new uninstaller that is supposed to be more secure, and has issued two statements of apology. They are also (according to a CNet News.com article) recalling the CDs. The end of that article also mentions that there are still some lawsuits pending against Sony, which is encouraging. If Sony were to just be let off the hook, the PR hit they've taken would be little more than a slap on the hand. The RIAA (of which Sony is a member) has been happily suing anyone they can; let's start putting them on the recieving end of the legal system.

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